April 16, 2010

The Turkey hit by a Minivan

I have a story to tell...My husband and his friend Zach were driving behind a minivan that hit a wild turkey. They got the great idea that it would be cool to pick up the turkey and butcher it so that we could have it for dinner. They were working at the time so they had to wait till their day was done. Later that night they butchered the turkey. Robert, my husband, says that it was awful but they got it done and put it in the fridge. When Robert got home from butchering this turkey he looked like hell. His face was pale and his eyes were red - he said that he could not get the smell out of his nose. Not good. Anyways, Zach's wife Tiffany and I (yes, 2 Tiffany's) wanted to be good sports and support their quest to have road kill for dinner. So they came over that weekend and we fried a turkey killed by a minivan. They wouldn't let us have any part of it - they wanted to take all the credit we thought. I didn't tell them but I had back-up dinner in the oven just in case the turkey didn't turn out. Well they bring this turkey in the house and WOW, it is beautiful! Tiffany and I were so impressed!!! We sat down to eat it and it was delicious! Here I am the most proud wife ever - my man butchered and prepped and fried road kill AND I ate it! The night was great and as Tiffany and Zach and their adorable kids got ready to leave Robert and Zach said they needed to tell us something. Turns out that you have to butcher meat within an hour after killing it or else it goes bad. SO the turkey killed by the minivan was not what we ate - we ate the turkey that the company gave them for Christmas. Waaaa, waaaaa waaaaaaa

March 9, 2010

February Fun at the Moncada's

Here at the Moncada House you never know what is waiting for you around the corner. It could be a pile of toys that wasn't there 15 seconds ago or it could be two sweet children asleep on the floor. Ya just never know...

I turned my back for just a second and...

...realized that Loie can no longer sit on the counter. :)

Do you see a pattern with this lovely smile?

Lovely Loie loves her bows!

She also loves to sit by the door when it is warm out listening to her brother playing in the backyard. No worries my Love, you will join him soon!

I wonder how long they will get along this well?

I treasure each minute!
Love you - See you soon!

February 10, 2010

Lots of fun in the Moncada house!

I couldn't pick just one of these pictures to put up SO I put all of them on here! Here's a peek at the fun going on in the Moncada house. :)

When Jesus Marcos yells for HELP I am usually greeted by something more on the funny side than on the scary side.

January 26, 2010

Lovely Loie in January!

Hello New Year!!! I am ready for all you have to teach me. I can now sit up and I am getting ready to crawl. You have been warned! :)

Gimme the camera Mommy!


I can play with my feet for days!

I like this hat better when it is on Daddy.

Sometimes I just have to take a little brake.
See you soon!

December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

What a wonderful day Christmas was! Jesus Marcos got lots of fun gifts and we really enjoyed watching him get so excited opening them. He was so excited about his gifts that he didn't eat all day. We couldn't tear him away from his tractors (he got 2 remote control tractors, one noisy tractor and one BIG tractor - THANKS AUNT SHAN - that he can ride on). One of my favorite parts of Christmas day was when Robert gave me my gift. It was wrapped in newspaper and glued shut!!! He couldn't find tape. It was the best wrapping job ever. :)

Our babies dressed up for Christmas Eve service.

Christmas morning, JM wakes up and walks past the Christmas tree. The big tractor catches his eye and the look on his face said "Wait a minute, this stuff wasn't here when I went to bed last night!?!?!" He puts that hard hat on everytime he gets on his tractor. He also totes all of his tractors into his room when he takes a nap or goes to bed and then he brings them all back out when he wakes up. He is his Daddy's dream boy.

The only reason that JM let Loie stay on the tractor was because she was pushing on the levers and it was making all sorts of cool noises.

Daddy helping put a tractor together.

Loie is loving the little bear blanket that Aunt Dottye sent her. Aunt Dottye's "Crafty Ladies" group at church made her this little precious bear.

He gets it now. The gift is not the paper but what it is wrapped around. To all of you first time moms - don't buy any Christmas presents the first 2 Christmases. All you have to do is put tissue paper in a bag and they will play with that for as long as you let them. ;)

If you want to read 2 books consecutively you can put one on your head so it's ready and within reach when you want it. Brilliant my little genius!!!

December 23, 2009

Our trip to So Cal...

A special and big thanks to Auntie Janine and Zander for giving up their room and letting us completely take over their house! WE LOVE YOU!!!

We got a lot done in the very short time that we were in So Cal. First, we went to lunch with Gammi - had a blast!!!

Don't they look beautiful!!!

Awww, how sweet!

Papi loves his little Loie! We had a great time with Papi and lots of friends at dinner.

My new little nephew, Beau, is so precious that he almost made me cry! Its crazy that Loie was this small only 6 months ago! **Go check out some great pics of Archer and Jesus Marcos at the C'deBaca blog!

Next we went to the Aquarium in Long Beach. Jesus Marcos totally flipped out when he saw Dori in the first tank. He has been obsessed with Finding Nemo and now he can really say that he found him!

This pic is classic. Jesus Marcos is holding Nemo, Loie is holding a starfish and Zander is holding a piece of pizza left over from the day before! Zander also has a turtle on his tray!

Jesus Marcos FLIPPPPPED when we got to this tank. He found lots of Nemos.

This was one of my favorite tanks. My brother, Coop, got stung by a baby jellyfish in Baja and said it hurt like crazy. Its a great story - ask him about it if you know him. :) I can't even imagine being in this tank.

Zander and Jesus Marcos looking out for Dori and her friends.

Now we are back at Auntie Janine's and getting ready to go to bed. Our trip in So Cal has come to an end.

I give this pic Two snaps up a twist and a kiss!!!

These last 2 pics are taken somewhere on the coast. We decided to take a trip up the coast and had no idea that it would take over 10 hours!!! It was worth it!

November 27, 2009

I'm thankful for Thanksgiving!

What a great day Thanksgiving was. All of our parents are out of town so the Moncada cousins got together to celebrate Thanksgiving. There were 17 of us - 9 adults - 4 tweens - 2 preschoolers and 2 two year olds!!! We had so much fun, way too much great food, and we made great memories. Thanks to Robert and Isabel especially for doing all of the chores on the list and helping things to run smooth. Yeah!!!
ps. I took pictures of the food but they didn't do it any justice. Oh well. :)
(*yes, the blog is back - thanks to Kelly and Kim for the inspiration to get it going again)


They had way to much fun!

Jasmine and Jesse are trying to put a dent in the ridiculous amount of mashed potatoes that I made.

A relatively calm feeding frenzy. Luckily for us Isabel made 3 great appetizers to keep everyone from tearing up the kitchen.

Robert & Cousin Loli ~ our turkey carvers!

We got creative with our seating arrangements.

Loie is loving her Uncle Sal!!

Robert took Jesse down and some others along the way!

Buffet style dinner is great when you have so many pretty resources to dress the table with. Pretty apples from Tita & Tito's apple trees, leaves from the tree on the side of our house (no it is not marijuana) and terra cotta pots that are the perfect size for votive candles!!!

March 16, 2009

Good News!!!

I've got some good news to tell you about!

As you can see, things are pretty crazy around here! To make it even more crazy I am going to have a little sister!!! She should be here in the beginning of July around the same time I got here!

Don't you think that I will be a good big brother?
Just look at me!!!!